Life at GE

Our culture is about providing everyone who works here with opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity, and creativity while growing themselves, their careers, and our business.

Life at GE

Meet Our People

The best testaments to what life at GE is really like come from the people who are living it. Meet us and learn what we think about our experience at GE, the careers we have chosen, and the challenges we have faced.

GE Employees

How GE Works

At GE we put our ideas to work. We make things that matter, things that make life better. GE Works.

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Military Veterans

Your service made you a leader and a disciplined, strategic thinker with a level of loyalty that is unmatched. At GE, we recognize and value your strengths, and that makes us a great choice for your civilian career. Come explore the possibilities for your future with GE, where your service will be honored and you will be appreciated for the extraordinary candidate you have already proven yourself to be.

Military Veterans At GE

Hiring Military Veterans

At GE, we don't hire veterans because they're veterans, we hire veterans because they're qualified.

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University Students

Whether you are just starting your career or are ready for the next step, GE offers you a fantastic work environment and unmatched opportunities to build a successful future. The kinds of opportunities available to you at the outset depend in part on the level and nature of your education.

Life After University

Good news: there's life after you graduate! Learn about the world of opportunity to explore with GE, straight from our managers and new employees.

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Working Environment

Employee performance can only flourish in a sound work environment. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our employees through systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain privacy, and assure health and safety.

Where Do Baby Incubators Come From?

We sent a helicopter cam to peek inside our advanced manufacturing facilities. See where some of our employees work everyday at our location in Laurel, MD.

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Giving Back

For more than a century, volunteerism has been a vibrant part of GE's culture, as both an individual employee activity as well as an organizational effort. We coordinate our resources — including products, matching gifts, grants and people — to create responses tailored to local and individual challenges. Today, the ultimate measure of GE's business is found in the improvements to the lives touched by our work.

A Helping Hand in Brooklyn

“Developing Health” is a three-year, $50 million program providing grant funding and employee volunteer support to non-profit health centers across the United States.

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Career-Long Learning and Leadership Development

Crotonville, GE’s global leadership institute, was created in 1956 as a nexus of innovation, ideas, and learning. Every day, thousands of GE employees and customers around the globe take part in state-of-the-art experiential learning opportunities offered at our New York campus, across our digital platforms, and at GE learning centers and local GE sites worldwide. Crotonville established GE as a pioneer and global standard-setter for leadership development and learning. Today, we continue to advance an evolutionary culture – a culture where learning shapes strategy, and leaders are equipped and inspired to succeed.