Introducing Current, powered by GE

Imagine buildings generating power on site. Imagine smart cities with LED lighting systems networked with sensors. The future is here.

Current combines GE’s capabilities in LED, solar, energy storage, electric vehicle infrastructures, and wireless controls into a sustainable energy ecosystem designed to help customers save money and put energy back into growing their businesses and cities.

Build Your Energized Future

  1. Lower energy consumption

    Lower energy consumption

    Cut energy costs and consumption by adopting energy-saving technologies such as LED and solar.
  2. Generate power on-site

    Generate power on-site

    Become more energy independent, resilient, and environmentally friendly by adopting on-site generation technologies, including solar and combined heat and power.
  3. Change the way you consume energy

    Change the way you consume energy

    Leverage energy storage, EV charging, and demand response to reduce energy cost, consumption and carbon footprint.
  4. Improve energy performance

    Improve energy performance

    Turn energy data into actionable information through the use of sensors and the Industrial Internet, harnessing insights to improve energy performance and create new value streams.


    Greater Efficiency, Higher Profitability

    How Intelligent is Your Environment?

    Learn how your building or city can be equipped with the hardware, software, and sensors needed to increase reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

    Suite Products

    It takes an incredible amount of energy to power the information highway. And now we'd like to return the favor.

    High voltage, meet Predix, the highly sophisticated, cloud-based development platform that’s industrial-strength strength. Predix is open and scalable and turns your exabytes of data into actionable knowledge to help increase power production by 20%.