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    Achieve business outcomes that matter. GE’s digital industrial software solutions and services—powered by the Industrial Internet—bring together your brilliant machines, data, insights, and people to drive real-time connectivity and data intelligence through a digital thread. You can deliver greater asset reliability, lower operating costs, reduced risk, and profitable growth. It’s time to optimize performance in a new way. Are you ready?

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Achieving Operational Excellence in Food & Beverage See how GE solutions can improve operational excellence in food & beverage manufacturing to maximize productivity, quality, lower production costs & more. Learn more
Advisory Services Partner with GE Digital's Services to uncover which business outcomes are most critical to you using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Learn more
Asset Performance Management for Power With APM for Power, you can identify power and energy issues before they occur. Prevent forced outages, reduce downtime and extend power asset life. Learn more
Asset Performance Management Powered by Predix Move from reactive to proactive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime, minimize maintenance costs, improve efficiency and extend asset life with APM. Learn more
Asset Software for Rail Connect & monitor railroad assets, maximize train performance so that railroads can reduce train delays and improve efficiencies Learn more
Brilliant Manufacturing Digitize your manufacturing plant or factory with GE’s Brilliant Manufacturing Software Suite to get insights & optimize your processes. Learn more
Brilliant Manufacturing Efficiency Analyzer Get a single, up-to-date view of your entire production process with GE's Efficiency Analyzer. Learn more
Cyber Security for OT Operational Technology (OT) security risk is changing. Find out how GE’s Cyber Security solutions can improve your OT security. Learn more
Cyber Security for Power Cyber Security for Power protects systems and proactively defends power plants with enhanced risk management. Learn more
Digital Mine An intelligent mining solution with advanced monitoring & analytics that have been proven to provide sustainable value & mine performance. Find out more. Learn more
Discrete Manufacturing Software Stay competitive with reduced WIP, tighter control on quality & a streamlined supply chain with GE’s Discrete Manufacturing production management solution. Learn more
Education Services Maximize your investment in IIoT with our training and certification programs.  Learn more
Field Vantage Field Vantage extends the life of artificial lift systems by providing data collection, condition monitoring, prioritization of well alarms, events & more. Learn more
GE Digital's Customer Success Services GE can assist you with a range of advisory, implementation, rapid start and management services to assist your Digital Industrial transformation. Learn more
GE Health Cloud: Improving Outcomes The GE Healthcloud is a connected cloud healthcare data management system designed to improve healthcare quality, connectivity, data analytics & more. Learn more
Historian Get Predix IIoT connectivity and data management with Historian, which optimizes asset and plant performance through time series industrial data collection and aggregation. Learn more
HMI and SCADA Take your operations to the next level with GE’s proven HMI & SCADA solutions, powered by the Industrial Internet. Check out our automation solutions here. Learn more
HMI-SCADA CIMPLICITY CIMPLICITY is a proven automation and control platform, making it the HMI/SCADA choice for many of the world’s largest manufacturers. Learn more
HMI-SCADA iFIX iFIX is the industrial automation system of choice for many applications, ranging from common HMI, to complex SCADA. Learn more
Implementation Services GE Digital's Implementation Services provide installations, architecture and blueprinting for Industrial IoT equipment. Learn more
Intelligent Environments Improve retail & commercial energy efficiency with GE Intelligent Environments. Including smart LED lighting, controls, on-site power & more. Learn more
Machine & Equipment Health Get a unified, complete, and accurate view of operations--anytime and anywhere.  Learn more
Managed Services Our managed services provide remote asset monitoring using true model based predictive analytics. Learn more
Mobile Take industrial automation to a new level with GE Mobile Apps, transforming operational data into actionable information, accessible anywhere, anytime. Learn more
Network Software for Rail Optimize mainline train networks, classification yards and intermodal terminals so that railroads can move goods faster, cheaper and on-time. Learn more. Learn more
Operations Optimization Operations Optimization delivers proactive recommendations from plant data, historical data, and external data to reduce production costs and enhance flexibility. Learn more
Operations Software for Rail Optimize rail operations and reduce energy use resulting in increased productivity, reduced operational expenses and reduction in fuel costs and emissions. Learn more
Plant Applications Plant Applications helps process manufacturers, such as Food & Beverage, collect and analyze data to help manage highly automated processes. Learn more
Plant Pulse Optimizer Plant Pulse Optimizer provides a panoramic view of all production activity for all factory personnel via real-time, multi-shift based KPIs. Find out more. Learn more
Predix Predix, GE's cloud-based platform (PaaS) for Industrial Internet applications, combines people, machines, big data and analytics. Learn more
Rail Connect™ 360 RailConnect™ 360 provides data-driven insights to reduce unplanned downtime and improve velocity, productivity and fuel efficiency for locomotion. Learn more
Rapid Start Services Accelerate your path to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) outcomes with our application starter kits. Learn more
Reliability Management Detect and diagnose equipment problems before they happen and reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.  Learn more
Reliability Max Reliability Max helps Oil & Gas companies minimize unplanned downtime for GE heavy-duty and aero-derivative gas turbines. Find out more. Learn more
Smart Connected Assets At the heart of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Asset Performance Management (APM) are Smart Connected Assets and machines. Find out more. Learn more
Smart Connected Operations Smart Connected Operations will allow manufacturers to provide real-time operations data with predictive analytics to enable autonomous production. Learn more
Smart. Connected. The Future of Manufacturing Begin solving operational challenges in manufacturing by connecting your assets, operations, and systems across your enterprise with the IIoT. Learn more. Learn more
Supply Chain Software for Rail Automate rail operations, obtain shipment visibility and manage transportation assets and inventory. Learn more
System 1 GE's System 1 condition monitoring system helps to identify changes in equipment performance to understand the root causes and drive corrective action. Learn more
The Future of Electricity Is Digital Unlock gains across the electricity value network to drive growth, efficiencies, and untapped value. Learn more
Tracker Software Accelerate Time-to-Market and improve Just-In-Sequence performance at global scale with Tracker asset tracking software for automotive manufacturers. Learn more
Workflow GE's Workflow helps you prevent mistakes, reduce response times, and optimize processes for greater productivity, less risk, and higher quality. Learn more

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