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Gain a competitive edge through human resources.

The backend of a business is critical to its smooth functioning as its more visible aspects. The team at FORSIGHT assists clients with structuring salaries of their employees and efficient payroll operations, implementing our proprietary software to simplify payroll execution and optimizeturnaround times.  Going further, we maintain updated employee data and ensure that mandatory provident fund and employee insurance payments are disbursed on time. FORSIGHT’s additional off-site services include maintenance of attendance registries and leave management, conducting regular and rigorous internal audits.

Now, all of these backend operations involve sizeable amounts of human resources and infusion of capital in technical infrastructure. FORSIGHT’s off site services essentially mitigate capital and human resources outflows for a client, consequentially freeing up capital for productive requirements.

Payroll Management

EPF & ESI Compliance

Accounting & GST

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